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Delineation of Rising Sign Taurus

The subjects of this sign are self-possessed, dogmatic and obstinate, requiring no counsel and suffering no contradiction, difficult to know and desiring strife for the sake of conquest. Slow to anger and equally hard to appease, natives often harbor ill-feeling and resentment for a long time. These are the chief instincts of the Taurean, though they may be modified by prevailing planetary influences. Native is full of diplomacy and is apt to be selfish and self-centered. The temper is usually quiet, but is capable of strong passions, while the mind is apt to be bigoted and stubborn. He fond of his own opinions, silent and inflexible, of firm will, much steady perseverance and quiet decision; hence he is good at governing, and may rise to a very high position. Fond of natural history, gardening or horticulture, he is a patient worker, very exact and precise in method, and tediously attentive to small details, yet nevertheless fond of comfort and repose.

Those born with this ascendant are very careful of their possessions and have much desire for honors of all kinds. In love they are usually jealous, but inconstant. There is often strife, of which the subject himself will be the cause, also illness due to excess of work or pleasure.

A certain degree of wealth is shown, though losses either total or partial may happen through legal disputes, loss of employment, or attachments after marriage.

Dr. A. Shanker

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