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Delineation of Rising Sign Aries

The subjects of this sign are of a simple, frank and outspoken nature, well-disposed and capable of holding command in executive position, though they are not good in originating schemes. They are brave and venturesome, generous even to extravagance and likely to be fooled into giving undeserved charities. Having strong inclinations they are sometimes quarrelsome and petulant while if touched with the religious spirit they will prove fanatical or very zealous. They are very busy, ingenious, rather deficient in knowledge of human character, eclectic and free in their opinions much moved by politics and apt to enforce their opinions. The natives of Aries are very destructive and are apt to run a crusade against existing institutions and bodies. They see things only as they desire them to be, and have a tendency to self-imposition. They often change their views and opinions but are very sure of their beliefs as long as they last. They are remarkable for sudden changes and quick action; often bigoted but generally progressive in tendency, they are, though liable to change at all times enthusiastic in the pursuit of a prevailing idea.

The Aries man is ambitious of honors and position but will have difficulties to meet with which will employ all his courage and will. In religion and politics he is ardent, often having some peculiar crank, and he can go almost into violence in his expression of feeling but it is only a fire of straw and is soon over, leaving no sense of resentment.

The fortunes are variable and there is gain through property and in rural industries, sometimes also by marriage. Strife and legal processes are likely to occur in connection with money and property, and in this women are apt to be much involved, in industrial arts and in cultivation native will succeed.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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