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Delineation of Rising Libra sign!

Libra confers upon its subject a sweet and gentle nature, very flexible and sensitive, its easily influenced by prevailing conditions. It gives courtesy, honesty and a sense of justice which controls all the actions of life, with kindness, compassion and deep affection. 

In the affairs of life there is a certain lack of decision observed in this subject, who generally waits "to see what will be done" by others before moving himself. The mind is inventive and shows ability in constructive and decorative work and may show inclination for maritime arts and navigation. The will is strong, but does not always endure.

The native of this sign is quick in learning has a taste for the arts and also for business affairs generally; yet the appetites are keen and the love of pleasure great, while the passions are fervent and sincere. The native is apt to ride a hobby and to pursue a "fad" to extreme length and while engaged on anything is very intense but he is liable to change his views at any moment and to take up some new pursuit.

The maladies to which Libra people are subject are, affections of the liver, kidneys and veins, humid affections of the feet and danger of intestinal complaints. The marriage is apt to be sterile and trouble is threatened in married life with separation or death of the partner. 

Spouse will be usually well off and even wealthy and the native is likely to gain by unexpected legacies from females. There are many voyages to and journeys in distant countries and some dangers therein. In the middle of life a reversal is to be feared, the mother of the native being frequently the direct or indirect cause of it, there are, however, signs of popularity and of securing a good position at the close of life. 

The friends and supporters of the native are frequently persons of high birth or lineage and among artists and professional people, native may find many a unexpected friend, there is, however, some danger of his harming one or more of them involuntarily. There are secret enemies among servants and members of the family on the father's side; moreover, family affairs will cause enmity. The children of the native are frequently his best supporters in old age.

Dr. A. Shanker

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