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Delineation of Rising Scorpio sign!

The native of this sign is bold and warlike, inclined to rush into quarrels and to be involved in disputes which are likely to be harmful to him in any situation. The nature is excessive, and goes to extremes both in work and pleasures, thus bringing both sickness and trouble; for there is a strong tendency to play the critic, so that the native is apt to the sarcastic and severe to his opponents.

The Scorpio natives representing the function of dissolution in Nature; He/she pulls down and destroys existing theories, institutions and beliefs and this is frequently effected by the acute penetration of the Scorpio mind, which is endowed with the "eagle eye" and which has moreover an insatiable thirst for finding out the secret nature of things. 

The imagination is fertile and the nature very resourceful, the temper is uncertain and petulant, very fiery, but not necessarily of long malice, though the loves and hates are keen and absorbing. The manners are frequently brusque and rude but direct spoken and fearless; the native keeps his own counsel and is vary and watchful of his interests, there is much pride in the mental disposition. In anger the native is overtimes irresistible and a naturally quarrelsome disposition may under the influence of education and training, express itself in fiery debates and wordy warfare.

The early part of native's life is not fortunate but the second half is frequently very prosperous and the native gains by exploits in foreign lands, by marriage relatives, legal affairs and also directly by marriage. The father is friendly to the native but is in danger of reversals. This sign gives many children and sometimes twins are born, the children marry early, there is some secret trouble, however, in connection with them. Many secret love affairs are likely to enter into the native's life.

Dr. A. Shanker

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