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Characteristics of of rising Sagittarius

Native of this sign is frank, open, honest and generous and has more regard to actions than to their results being ever ambitious of doing and achieving though not so much in respect to the fruits of such action as in obedience to the imperative demands of a sympathetic nature. It is possible for the native to show two very different characters, one external and another internal being both bold, reckless and daring yet at the same time very sensitive, impressionable and reticent. Hence the subject of this sign are difficult to know. They are ardent and rather petulant but seldom bear malice. The sense of justice is very keen and harshness to others amounts almost to a personal injury.

Native's mind is clear and quick at apprehending things, very readily assimilating new idea and new modes of life. There is a certain irritability often shown which results from no apparent cause; but which in reality is the result of restraint and is caused by the double nature of the sign coming into play at one and the same time.

The early part of life is not very fortunate owing to the premature death of the father or to some reversal of the fortunes of the parents. The native succeeds at length in the acquirement of good fortune by personal application to his calling or profession, sometimes moreover coming into an inheritance. Rising Sagittairus gives few brothers and some troubles through those that the native has; nevertheless, the relations generally are friendly. 

There are usually two or more marriages or long associations of which one will be inimical to the welfare and position of the native. There are many obstacles in the first part of life but fortune comes in the end; and the occupation is likely to be of a double nature.

Native chief ailments are affections of the throat, ears and bronchial tubes; sciatica and rheumatism; varicose veins and swellings in the legs; but generally the health is very good. Enemies are numerous and violent and sometimes are led to acts of violence; the family affairs and home life of the native as well as his/her married life may be at the mercy of these snake-like enemies. 

Dr. A. Shanker

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