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Characteristics of rising Capricorn sun sign

Natives of this sign is endowed with a quiet yet ambitious, persevering and persistent spirit, capable of enormous efforts towards the attainment of a desired object; at times melancholic and frequently malicious and revengeful, he/she is in some respects martial and warlike, yet always self-possessed and of firm determination. Native will have some marked peculiarity in his step or in manner of action, while the body is oftentimes angular and awkward in carriage; he/she may deformed from the cradle or meet with bodily hurts through accidents.

The speech is brusque and direct and the native though often eloquent has generally an impediment or peculiarity in the speech. The temper is strong, forceful and enduring, the mind suspicious and melancholic; and in spite of inordinate ambition and much courage, frequently resulting in great achievements, the life is often unhappy. The desire for power is strong and the native is though quiet and reticent in the presence of strangers, yet forcible and eloquent among friends, there is more force than persuasion in the disposition. Caution and prudence mark the actions and policy of the man of Capricorn, but when a course is decided upon he/she is very persistent, native has a good sense of ways and means and is apt in the use of them. 

In land journeys the native may fall into the ambush of his enemies. The father and the family generally are hostile and may cause strife and obstacles, especially in regard to marriage. During infancy, the native is liable to danger by fire, or wounds by steel etc., and the father is in danger of early death. 

The native of Capricorn is subject to a great reversal of fortune in mature life. 

Dr. A. Shanker

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