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Characteristics of Rising Pisces sun sign!

Native of Pisces rising is capable of lifting himself by his own merits to a position of considerable celebrity and honor and generally it happens that literature or the arts and sciences form the chief means of his support. Many popular authors and writers will be found to be natives of this sign, the mind being restless and creative, always on the search for new ideas. The native is impressionable, romantic, imaginative and flexible, also easily torments itself with curious fancies for the nature is in itself difficult to know, being very imitative and readily moved by the proximity or association of others.

The mind is upright, just, kind, benevolent and powerful and the spirit contemplative, studious and poetical. The native likes to taste the good things of life and has a capital idea of enjoying himself; the disposition is, however, generous, and native does not willingly allow his pleasures to hurt others. The will, though changeful, is strong, can exercise authority without harshness, and be firm with a pleasantness of manner.

The nature is full, rich and prudent and while inclining to agreement out of good-will, does not readily bind itself, so that the native can be very critical though without prejudice. Slow to anger, but hard to appease, the native is yet often content with a noble vengeance.  He is much occupied and undertakes many pursuits, in which success may be achieved in two out of every three, the disposition being cordial and delighting in society and good company and the native being moreover gifted with eloquence or literary ability. The mind is very broad on many subjects, the tendency being entirely eclectic and unorthodox, while the passions are strong but changeful.

The wealth of the native will be largely due to his own efforts and works; frequently his writings are successful, or he gains by much travelling and has the goodwill and assistance of relatives; but losses will come through long voyages to foreign lands and by the death of some near associate. The native follows a double occupation and has a capacity for many things. The brothers and sisters are numerous and the relatives are able to be of much help to him but in some cases there is the premature loss of a brother or sister.

The sign confers two marriages in many cases and generally a good deal of trouble in the marital state, for the wife is a great invalid or afflicted in some way or the relatives of the native are able to affect the married life detrimentally. Servants also may cause confusion and trouble. The wife generally dies before the native, who then inclines to a second marriage; she sometimes has property by legacy or inheritance. Long sea voyages are attended with dangers in foreign countries or on the high seas.

An open enemy may be the cause of the native’s death, native has some enemies who will become friends and yet others who will do much to injure his friendships. The sign is capable of conferring well-merited honors and also considerable wealth.

Dr. A. Shanker

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