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The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius

This is a somewhat excitable and irritable combination, belonging to the common signs. It gives over-activity to the personality but reduces the impulsiveness of Sagittarius, although it often gives a very talkative disposition, with a propensity for tittle-tattle that sometimes verges on scandal-mongering. There is much sympathy in the nature, and strong feelings of charity and religious sentiment.

In a good horoscope, this polarity gives warmth, activity and expansiveness to the feelings and emotions which will work out in various directions according to the type of horoscope; in religion; in some philanthropic or humanitarian direction; in philosophy or the higher cultivation of the mind; in social and family life; or in the world of the imagination, as show in painting, music, poetry etc.

In any one of these directions the native may make considerable attainments and rise high in his sphere of life and probably attract notice. He will be a busy worker and accomplish much and yet, if the planetary positions lend themselves to it, native will a full appreciation of ease, comfort, luxury, elegance and refinement and the "good things" of life generally. 

There is some ability for public speaking or a public career and the polarity lends itself well to an active business life if suitable influence is supplied from elsewhere either by the ascendant or an aspect from Saturn - as it is decidedly more scattering than acquisitive if taken alone. There is a great love of change, some likelihood of a change of occupation and many changes of residence, coupled with a general love of travel, especially by sea; two pursuits or occupations may be carried on simultaneously. 

A busy nature and if the intellect is active, covering many subjects, seeing both sides of a question, acute and penetrating. There are great possibilities in this polarity if suitably supported by the rest of the horoscope. otherwise, the well-intentioned internal nature will fritter its energies away in a multitude of useless or superficial projects or even in mere dissipation.


Dr. A. Shanker 

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