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The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Capricorn

Here the personality is apt to lead the individuality captive to the materialistic desires of the Capricorn nature which is ever seeking to be practical rather than dreamy. An active life is best for those under this combination and they should be placed in positions of responsibility where they can take the lead. It gives a good deal of business ability in some cases with special inclination for large undertakings or responsible positions. There will be carefulness, prudence, economy and forethought which may be utilised in private or public life according to circumstances. The native will display financial ability in the matter of property and investments or the power of organising, managing, arranging, planning and scheming.

And native is well fitted in some positions, official or otherwise, demanding the exercise of these qualities, unless adverse aspects militate against this. Native may hold an appointment connected with some local or national public body, or may be himself a member of some such body. He has as a rule more inclination for public than private life, but the possibilities here vary greatly according to circumstances. 

In the lower ranks of life native may become connected with, or follow some occupation having to do with hospitals, prisons, asylums, the police and poor-law or other officials; and, in a higher position, with town councils, or other public bodies, parliament and movements of public importance. Which of these are most likely will be shown by the horoscope as a whole. There is usually quietness, sobriety, and self-control. 

The planetary aspects and other positions will produce several varieties of character and fortune in this polarity. In some cases there will be lack of initiative and a tendency to gloom or despondency, in others, the personality will seem hard, selfish, reserved, lacking in candour and secretive or again the native will be placed by circumstances in some position he cannot maintain and which will therefore result in failure of some sort. Under serious affliction (especially from Mars), there will be public or private hostility, a conflict with the law, with the "powers that be," or with established customs. But with favorable aspects there is very great power for good in this combination.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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