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The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Scorpio


Not a good combination at all, although both belongs to the watery triplicity for the Scorpio nature is rather too hard and selfish. It brings misfortunes into the life and it makes those under its influence inclined to be decidedly jealous as it is a polarity very easily affected by the conduct of others.

In a bad horoscope it indicates treachery. Where the benefics are weak or afflicted by bad aspects, there will be some morbid inclinations and many acts of indiscretion. In any case there is a good deal of energy working out through these two watery signs with practical and executive business ability where unless afflicted there may be a fortune (acquired or inherited) derived from occupations associated with the water or with liquids generally, also from people who follow such occupations. Sailors, fishermen, publicans aerated-water dealers, wine or spirit merchants, sometimes also surgeons, chemists, nurses and frequently officials connected with hospitals, prisons, almshouses, workhouses and asylums, also coroners are found under this polarity. Very considerable business ability or even commercial genius may be manifested if supported by planetary positions, coupled with some amount of worldliness or even hardness of dispositions, however.

The native will sometimes find himself in a strong urge which can be any kind but that does not wholly accord with his real nature and yet will be quite unable to change it, and the same often with regard to adopted habits and customs from which he finds himself stuck or occupied.

Native of this combination often misjudged by the world and may seem too positive, hard, conventional or unyielding for the real inner nature is much more kindly and sympathetic than it seems outwardly. The character will vary a good deal, according to the planetary position from generosity to selfishness from a hard-working self-sacrificing disposition to self-indulgence or sloth, and from active kind emotions to jealous and vindictiveness.

In some cases there will be too much positivity and self-assertion, the native will be misled into doing or saying things which he cannot justify or occupying positions he cannot maintain, giving rise to failure or reversal but native will contend aggressively for rights and privileges, it may display considerable power of regaining the prestige. Some travelling, especially by water is likely happen frequently to this combination.

Dr. A. Shanker


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