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The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo

Pisces is considerably improved by this combination. The intuition is active and the critical nature of Virgo has behind it much inspiration. There is good ability and the native is a good worker in a variety of directions and possesses fairly all-round abilities. The mental side of the nature is well developed and intuition and intellect blend very well. A good education will make the native suitable for any of the higher pursuits, literary, legal or medical for instance or Native would be adapted for business, according to the predominant influence in the horoscope. 

In some cases there will be a receptive, self-distrustful disposition, showing reserve, diffidence and coldness but a positive and quietly affectionate nature can easily be called out. Prudence, steadiness, and common-sense are virtues well to the fore and much more be done in a quiet way. This is a polarity giving a steady and useful disposition and one that is likely to be greatly esteemed though rarely fortunate in a worldly sense.

Dr. A. Shanker

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