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The Sun in Pisces and moon in Leo

This is an inharmonious combination, so far as the physical world is concerned as it gives a continual yearning for the unattainable or for something that seems far beyond physical realisation. It inclines very much to the occult and metaphysical giving a love of everything that is romantic , weird and mysterious. It is rather unfortunate than otherwise, often placing those under its influence in positions they cannot maintain, making them erratic and liable to varying moods.

Under favorable planetary aspects there will be considerable ability as imaginative writers. There is a generous disposition much warmth of heart, sympathy and inheritable feelings. there is some love of outward show, much social ambition, a sense of dignity and personal worth and a considerable regard for appearances with a love of find surroundings whether in furniture, clothes, house, locality or scenery. 

There is apt to be some little ostentation and self-importance but there is really a lonely and quiet nature behind it. There may be artistic, poetic or musical ability and there will in any case be imagination and emotion which may be adapted to the higher pursuits and occupations if adequately supported by the ascendant or by Mercury. The influence of planets and of the ascendant is extremely important in this polarity, according as to which of the two polar positions receives most support, the solar or the lunar. Under affliction or "cross aspects," there is apt to be more promise than performance, a higher ambition than the nature can sustain and hence a failure to realise apparent possibilities. In some casesthere may be lack of practical ability and worldly knowledge in others too free a rein is given to sensations, feelings and passions; but both these can be altered by the ascendant or planetary positions. 

The native is suited for the position of an under-manager and succeeds as a worker associated with another; but is apt to aim beyond this and fail. The influence is good generally for home, family and children. it is not so good for health as it might be, unless supported by favorable planetary positions.

Dr. A. Shanker

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