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The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Libra

This gives an equable tendency to the personality and inclines one to all inspirational and spiritual things giving the ability to weigh up and balance the internal sense of things possessed by Pisces. It strengthens the perceptions of the Pisces nature and gives a great love of music, greatly according as to whether the total influence in the horoscope is fortunate or unfortunate.

In the former case there will be a benevolent, sympathetic, kindly nature, popular and easily making friends, hopeful, cheerful, sociable and well disposed. there is much imagination and frequently some special artistic faculty, together with a great appreciation of religion. The native will be inclined to associate with others, whether as friend, partner or companion, there will be no liking for a lonely or isolated life and this will strongly tend towards marriage. 

The mind will have much refinement and if other positions agree may be susceptible of a high degree of cultivation. If the planetary aspects are very adverse, a good deal of rather persistent "bad luch" may be experienced of which hostile criticism, lack of sympathy, a sense of frustration, opposition and rivalry and misfortunes brought about by other people or resulting from association with others will be notable features.

Dr. A. Shanker

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