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The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Pisces

This combination gives a hospitable nature but there is a tendency to be over anxious and somewhat too restless. It gives an inclination towards spiritualistic phenomena. the imagination is very active. Sometimes rather morbid, so that there is a tendency to give way to melancholia. This brings out fully the Pisces nature which has been elsewhere described. The native is sympathetic, emotional, imaginative, good-natured, easy-going, romantic and affectionate.

The ascendant largely determines the direction of the activities and the general trend of the character. There is some inclination to religion, also to charity and benevolence if the position in life allows; native may be associated with charitable or similar institutions, or may himself benefit through them is some way. Psychic experience and mediumship rather easily manifest themselves. 

There is sufficient religious tendency to determine the native to a career in this direction if the horoscope supports it, and the same may be said of the imaginative faculty and its operation, whether through music, painting or literature, novel-writing etc. Under serious affliction from Saturn there may be a tendency to gloom or lack of self-reliance and the native may suffer in reputation; but if this planet is well placed there will be worldly success and good fortune. 

With affliction from Mars, may suffer from deceit, treachery and the enmity of apparent friends with a good aspect, however, will be enterprising, resourceful and able to overcome obstacles. There is some love of traveling or change and novelty, this tendency may also show as vacillation, irresolution, lack of promptness and decision, unless harmonious aspects or rising planets strengthen the character. With benefics fairly strong the native has a hopeful, buoyant, sociable and thoroughly good-natured disposition. 

Dr. A. Shanker 

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