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Rising Sign in your Horoscope

When the time of birth is also known as well as the day and year, the rising sign may be readily found. To the Sidereal Time* at noon on day of birth add or or subtract as the case my be the required number of hours according to the time of birth. This is the sidereal time of birth. ('if more than 24, subtract 24' or 'if less than 0, add 24). 

Sun, Moon and Ascendant as representing the three centers of life, Individual, Personal and Physical. Since, it is often found that in reference thereto considerable confusion exists among those who are just taking up this study for the first time.

1) The Sun represents the Individuality, the prime cause of all manifestation as regards any particular human being - the true Will.

2) The Moon signifies the Personality which is the vehicle of the individuality, the means whereby its purposes are carried out - The Desires.

3) The Ascendant indicates the physical body, which is the instrument or tool which is used by the personality to carry into effect the purposes of the individuality as interpreted by and through the personality - The Agent.

It will then be readily understood that by 'a backward Ego' we mean one in whom the individuality is scarcely manifesting, the personality alone actuating the body merely for the gratification of its ephemeral desires; while by 'a progressive soul' we mean one in whose life the main controlling factor is the individuality, typified by the Sign in which the Sun was placed at birth. 

Dr. A. Shanker 

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