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The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aquarius

This gives ability for business and pursuits on a large scale where the intuition may be used. It gives a quiet, retiring and harmless disposition and in many respects, it is an excellent combination. The native makes friends easily has many acquaintances may in some cases be a rather popular person and it is often better suited for some more or less public pursuit than for a purely domestic one, although the homely and social virtues may all be brought out by suitable planetary positions.

There will be considerable power of imagination and a love of the mysterious or weird with decided intuition, especially as regards religious matters; and one of these influences according to prominence will incline to artistic or musical tastes to psychic or occult experiences, or to a religious career as the case may be. Good mental abilities will be possessed with sound judgment and memory; these will be called out by appropriate circumstances. There will be impulses towards philanthropic and humanitarian movements, also to a higher thought, education or science.

Local or national public interests will attract the native's attention, and in some cases enlist his services also, at least his sympathies and enthusiasm. Good business ability may be possessed if not contradicted by adverse aspects. Under affliction, the native will suffer from criticism, opposition, or something still more serious on the part of friends and acquaintances or the public; but with good aspects be will gain either in reputation or popularity.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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