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The Dharma of the Signs!

Each sign, has, however, its own special meaning, irrespective of its position in the nativity.

Thus, as I said, Aries governs the Head - but it governs a great deal more than the mere bone-and-blood structure; you may regard it from the physical, mental, or spiritual standpoint: Aries governs (i) the part of the body called the head; (ii) the directive energies generally, and (iii) the beginnings of all things, persona, national, or cosmic; it is the commencement of the circle.

Inhumanity, however, these Signs express themselves either in vices, or virtues. Those born under Aries, for instance, may express that Sign as deception, lying, and roguery; but its internal meaning it TRUTH; clear thinking, intuition, pure reason, and so forth. Anyone under the Aries influence who had not extracted the virtue of this Sign would display great impulse, and be very independent, always seeking freedom and liberty; so that this Sign produces pioneers and investigators, men desirous of taking the lead, and who are also capable of maintaining a prominent position; for they always refer everything to the intellect, working from the head first.

Before proceeding further I should say that the Signs, beginning with Aries, are successively positive and negative (male...female), thus showing a constant alternation of the two aspects of Life and From; the forceful, imperious, life-giving energy flowing through the Positive Signs, while the Negative Signs receive, hold, and retain this energy.

Aries, then, will typically represent the positive force, while Taurus, on the other hand, is a negative sign, possessing all the Aries qualities in latency, but tending always towards expression through the solid, practical, matter-of-fact side of life; thus, while Aries would be eager and energetic, quick and enterprising but incontinent and changeful; Taurus would be dubious and lethargic, slow and stolid, but patient and enduring, so entirely different, in fact, are the attributes of these two Signs that the contrast is startling. The virtue of Taurus is endurance, its vice obstinacy; the internal quality, however, or Dharma of this Sign is OBEDIENCE.

Aries represents the Father, so to speak, while Taurus typifies the Mother, Their offspring, then, is seen in.

Gemini, The Twins. All that is involved in Aries and Taurus finds expression in Gemini, a positive (hermaphrodite) sign, typical of true genius. Whatever was latent or concealed in Aries and Taurus will be shown in Gemini; so that if you can conceive the attributes of the first two Signs, and can balance these together in your mind, you will see what Gemini really expresses. The Zodiac, indeed, is a kind of Alphabet, and these three Signs its ABC. If you can read these letters and can put them together, you will have the Key to this profound yet simple Language of the Cosmos.

Taurus represents those who are slow, plodding and methodical, rather executing than initiating, whereas Gemini, having the life and form together, will always have some motive power behind its expression, and will manifest intellect. Aries represents the energizing or thought side of life; Taurus the solid, practical, 'bread-and-butter' side of existence; and Gemini, the synthesizer, manifest the combination of the two - adaptability, and intellect. As you have ardent, impulsive, progressive souls in Aries; stubborn, dogmatic, conservative people in Taurus; so Gemini produces enthusiastic, impressionable, sympathetic, and versatile men and women.

In those who have not yet realized the meaning of this Sign, Gemini represents defensiveness; but they are always fond of details, and love to go into the minutiae. The Dharma of Gemini is Motive.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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