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The sun in Pisces and Moon in Taurus

This intensifies the negative nature of this combination; it gives a considerable amount of sensitiveness and a great love of the occult. The firmness of Taurus strengthens the vacillation of Pisces and makes a kind, quiet and pleasant nature. There is some love of money indicated, yet with a very hospitable disposition, quiet, sociable, genial and agreeable, the native is one that is attracted towards home, brethren and friends; he is somewhat fortunate in money matters and displays carefulness, some economy and a tendency to slow and patient accumulation.

There is also some practical business ability and he makes a good servant or under-manager. Sympathy and benevolence may be easily called out by prominent benefits, also musical or artistic ability. With Mars or the Sun strong, there will be firmness and punitiveness or even obstinacy. Unless otherwise indicated, there will be little ambition or likelihood of rising to a lofty position in the world and quieter or relatively subordinate positions are more fortunate.

If the Moon is "angular" or Mercury strong, money may readily be earned by writing or travelling. This polarity tends towards steadiness, conscientiousness and some seriousness. If ever in a position to need it, the native will benefit considerably by charity or brethren.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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