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The Sun in Pisces, and Moon in Aries

The Sun in Pisces

The Sun in the sign Pisces tends to make the individual nature emotional and receptive, meditative and imitative. This is not the strongest of the twelve signs, but it gives a very deep internal nature, with strong inclinations towards occult development. There are two types of individuals under the sign Pisces, the undeveloped and the developed. The later are extremely altruistic characters, filled with an inexhaustible love for all created beings. The former are Weeklings.

The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Aries

This combination considerably strengthens the individual character, adds more force and energy to the Pisces sign, and gives more self-reliance; but at the same time there is considerable willfulness though with a tendency to be easily led if not easily driven. There is positive attitude, force, energy and activity, though of a rather restless and unsettled kind. 

The native is busy and brisk, interested in details, prolific of ideas or words or enthusiasms and a copious worker. There is likely to be hopefulness and ardor an active fancy, and a many-sided nature. New causes, pursuits, or studies are taken up eagerly, though sometimes with too much haste, so that they are incontinently dropped again; too much having been expected of them, they are apt to be abandoned. There is sometimes over-much tendency to change, novelty and variety, too little steady persistency and sober self--control. There is too often a good deal of willfulness; and though generous and kind-hearted, the native may be difficult to get on with or to work with and may sometimes be his own worst enemy. If there is much affliction there is a little danger of the personal desires, impulses and passions getting out of control; while, on the other hand, if the benefices are weak he will be somewhat fussy, meddlesome, and fault-finding but if the latter are prominent, these characteristics will be toned down, so as not to be noticeable.

Dr. A. Shanker 


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