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The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Gemini

This combination gives vacillation and a tendency to worry with a lack of continuity of fixity of purpose, there is a great deal of indecision and an inclination to restless over-activity as regards all mental matters. The native is easily affected by the moods of others, and becomes rather fanciful. While this polarity makes the mind active, yet with the activity there is ever likely to be some irresolution, vacillation or indecision; or at least lack of continuity or fixity of purpose. This may be partly counteracted, however, if the ascendant or important planets are in fixed signs.

There is sometimes diffidence or reserve and lack of enterprise, initiative or ambition but this will be overcome if positive planets or signs are prominent. The native learns readily and can usually take a good education, sometimes showing decided precocity. There is always a love of reading or writing and there will also be ability for speaking if Mercury is strong. 

Among the lower middle classes, this polarity makes good servants, agents, messengers or clerks; while those in better circumstances would be suited for any occupation involving book-work, study, examinations, writing, clerical labour etc. A love of teaching or preaching is often found associated with this influence and nearly always a love of travelling. In some cases there are changes of occupation or unnecessary changes of residence, two occupations are followed or two residences kept. 

In a bad horoscope some tendency to duplicity or lack of chandour is shown and danger of inharmoney in the family; but prominent benefics or good aspects will override this, giving a subtle and acute mind, critical and judicious, capable of embracing many subjects and going into much detail.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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