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The Sun in Pisces and moon in Cancer

This intensifies the imaginative and sensitive nature of Cancer which increases the receptivity. It is one of the psychical combinations, awakening the psychic faculties. The emotional nature is very keen, but not lacking in reflection and the whole nature is harmonious though sensitive and very hospitable. 

The feelings and emotions are active, love of home and family, affection, sympathy, kindness and companionship are marked. There will be a strong attraction to the mother and a resemblance to her, also long association with her or benefit through her or her side of the family. Unless positive planets or the odd signs are prominent, the nature will be rather too negative and receptive of the thoughts, feelings and influences of others, this may even extend to the catching of infectious diseases and should be combated by a steadfast will.

Psychic experiences will be met with. And mediumship would be readily developed. there will be much sensitiveness and imagination which might be utilised in the direction of music, painting or poetry, if Venus is sufficiently strong. Religious and charitable influences will be congenial and either directly or indirectly the native will benefit through hospital, charitable organisations etc. 

There is a tendency to economy and carefulness in small matters especially with good aspects, there will be considerable gain through house-property, land or investments.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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