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Important Characteristics of Venus (Sukra)

Venus is beneficial in his exaltation sign, in its Varga, in his weekday, in the middle of the sign, in the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 12th houses from Lagna in the afternoon, in conjunction with Moon, in his retrograde motion and when Venus is in advance of Sun. Venus in the sixth house is not disastrous. A powerful Venus can counter act the evils caused by Rahu, Mercury, Saturn and Mars. A malefic Venus produces peril through such causes as drinks and diabetes, arising from the diseases of beloved women associated with a result induced by addiction to females endeared by excessive gallantry.

According to Prithuyasas, Venus is amiable, attractive (lovely) of the nature of wind and bile, broad minded, competent, henpecked of uncouth eyes and by nature given to fraud. Venus is strong when he is posited in 3rd, 6th and 12th houses when retrograde when in advance of Sun, in the afternoon, in his own house, when in exaltation, when in its own sign in Drekkana and Navamsa and when posited with moon and posited in nborth of planets. He is weak in begnning of arasi, strong in the middle and moderately strong in the end. He is strong when he is victorious in planetary fight.

Venus is lord of south, east benefic, lord of Yagurveda and his presiding diety is Indrani, Venus is Brahmin by cast and lord of Ladies and represents Pitraloka. He is strong in even rasis, in day time, in uttarayana and in the third Decanate. It gets strength in the second of part of the night.

the places of venus are countesans quarters, the harem, dancing hall, the bed room and the south east quarters. Represents a child of 7 years, silver and creepers (Vegetation). His presiding diety is Lakshmi. Venus denotes Dolichos lab or Cowgram. Venus is giver of veerya and is Rajasic. Venus controls sweet temprament and floral trees. He represents watery tatwa.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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