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The Sun in capricorn and Moon in Aquarius

This combination gives splendid organising ability with success in large undertakings such as public companies etc. It quickens the perceptions and gives considerable intuition with the ability to read character accurately. Much progress is made in life through careful forethought and steady persistence. A great deal depends on the aspects, however, in the combination. If supported by suitable planetary indications, this polarity gives a strong tendency to the psychic or occult; with a prominent Uranus or Mercury for instance, intellectual or metaphysical ability and an original and inventive mind.

The social and domestic nature and the inclination to marriage are more easily manifested than with the last polarity; but even this depends a good deal upon the ascendant and planets with support from venus or Juiter, there may be a fair amount of geniality and popularity. 

Money may be gained through governmental or other official positions; and unless contra-indicated by adverse planetary positions, there will be good business ability with success in financial operations and investments etc.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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