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The Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Capricorn

This gives a very thoughtful character with some inclination to despondency. There is apt to be too much independence at times, resulting in isolation, or a desire to live a life of loneliness. The feelings are not expansive and there is a tendency to retire inward more than is good for the character. It gives good business ability, making the nature acquisitive and somewhat self-centered.

The native is usually steady, quiet and thoughtful, persistent in purpose and both plodding and thorough in his methods. Planetary positions will vary the type a good deal. Strong aspects from Mars or Jupiter will give more vigor, energy and ambition which may be turned to various ends, weather in business, politics or science.

If Mercury is strong, the native will possess considerable intellectual power. Bad aspects may cause persistent misfortune, however, orderly and mthodical, the native can both use tact and keep a secret; he does not show his whole nature on the surface but is self-controlled and reserved.

Dr. A. Shanker  

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