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The Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Pisces

This polarity tends to produce a quiet, undemonstrative, easy-going nature, moderately sociable and home-loving. sometimes rather retiring, self-distrustful possessing better abilities than people suppose but lacking the energy or opportunity to use them to advantage. Some will be careful and frugal, anxious about the future; but others rather indolent, easy-going and careless or indifferent.

Charitable and sympathotic, according to their means; or if circumstances necessitate it they may benefit by the charity and philanthropy of others, public or private. Suited for occupations connected with liquids with hospitals, nursing, charitable movements and institutions, or prisons. 

If intellect is supplied by the planetary positions or the "ascendant" is a mercurial sign, they may make writers, speakers or preachers; but they usually lean more to the imaginative and emotional or speculative than to the purely intellectual and hence make novelists, poets or musicians rather than mathematicians or scientists. 

Mediumship or psychic ability of some kind is easily called out. These persons possess some considerable amount of tact, diplomacy, secrecy and reserve, they do not show their whole nature on the surface, by any means. If badly afflicted by malefics, they may suffer seriously through other people, or may not be quite straightforward themselves (shown by the general configuration of the horoscope).

Dr. A. Shanker 

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