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The Sun in Aquarius - and Moon in Aries

The Sun in Aquarius gives a very refined individuality, loving everything of a humanitarian nature, very faithful, sincere, humane and just, with very broad sympathies and a desire to embrace the whole of humanity. The individuality will be active in awakened souls, but in the younger members of the race it will not be manifest and the personality will act as though no individuality were behind it; that is to say the position of the Moon alone will have to be considered.

The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Aries

This gives a very firm character, quiet and expressive but with real perceptive ability, native is capable of judging human character and persevering in nature but liable at times to go to extremes in action. There is a very strong will with great determination and persistence of purpose. Such characters cannot endure being controlled or thwarted and will go to great lengths and be very unreasonable through their desire to have their own way. In a suitable horoscope, there may be considerable mental power and ability for occupations connected with writing, study, literature, travelling or science with some adaptability for political or other official positions.

Native is fond of imposing their will upon others, leading or controlling. And yet they are not always most fortunate when in sole control or when the whole responsibility for any affair is on native. They must learn to submit to association with others; if not as subordinates, then as partners or companions, and they will then usually obtain the best results. If malefics afflict, their personal desires and passions are apt to get very much out of control and make them licentious, cunning and revengeful; but in a good horoscope an energetic and hard-working character is shown.

Dr. A. Shanker

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