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The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Taurus

This makes an excellent character reader, true insight into human nature being well developed. It inclines to the practical in all its manifestations and is faithful, sincere, firm, just and reliable. The native possesses, in short, a steady, quiet and practical character which may find its outlet in many departments of life, according to circumstances. 

Nevertheless, when such persons have once found a congenial channel to work in they do not easily forsake it unless compelled to do so; for change of any kind is foreign to their nature and whatever their mode of life may be, whether commercial, professional, political or otherwise, they tend to continue faithfully and ploddingly in it, for a lifetime may be, and only vary or alter their course under extreme necessity.

They are sincere, just and faithful in family life, unless aspects are very adverse. In business or profession they usually accumulate either honors, money or possessions, whichever they may have set their minds upon, because of this very persistency; although these may not come until middle or old age. If the ascendant supplies enthusiasm and energy they may accomplish much in the world. If seriously afflicted, especially by Mars, their misfortunes may be sudden and violent, which applied to most fixed sign polarities. The influence is good for friends, acquaintances and social and public relations generally.

Dr. A. Shanker   

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