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The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Gemini

This combination belongs to the airy triplicity. It intensifies all the intellectual qualities, giving oratorical power and a situation mind, well adapted for all literary pursuits; there is also displayed considerable industry, neatness and perfection in regard to details. With a good education these persons may be fitted for almost any occupation calling for intellectual ability, acuteness and originality of mind or mental resource. 

In political or educational matters they would succeed well, also as speakers, preachers, professors, writers, teachers etc. Unless the ascendant supplies energy and initiative, they succeed better when in partnership or association with others than when relaying upon their own resources solely. They are sometimes a little retiring, liking reserve and seclusion but this may easily be counteracted if Jupiter or Venus is prominent, as it does not arise from an unsociable nature.

They are kind and good hearted and have many acquaintances if few intimate friends. They often have a good memory and well stored minds.

Dr. A. Shanker

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