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The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Pisces

This is a more favorable Pisces combination than previously given much perseverance and carefulness, awakening the studious side of the Pisces nature. But with regard to this, much will depend upon planetary influences and the aspects to Sun and Moon. There is some amount of imagination, love of beauty, musical or artistic ability, refinement and sentiment; much charitable feeling and sympathy.

Some psychic or occult tendencies exist and mediumship is easily developed. Unless very positive tendencies are given by the ascendant or planetary positions, the nature is unassuming, a little retiring, agreeable and sociable; more suited for some relatively quiet and unambitious occupation than for one involving publicity, responsibility or conflict. 

Will benefit by friends and patrons or even by charity, if the planetary positions indicate any need of this. 

Dr. A. Shanker 

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