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The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Cancer

This is a harmonious combination in the watery triplicity; but there is a great liability to be easily drawn into mistakes through the feelings and sensations, and those under this combination are very easily led by others into acts of folly. 

Early marriage is thus to be recommended, for, the powers of attachment being very strong, the life may thus be influenced for good. The native has a rather hard and practical nature in things that necessitate his going out into the world and mixing with men, but a kinder and softer side in social matters or family life.

If planetary positions harmonise, he will have considerable business ability; will earn or inherit money or property, and manage it economically. There are sometimes psychic or occult tendencies. This position is good for health, both as regards nutrition and digestion, if not "afflicted." In some cases may increase the size of the body and cause stoutness.

Dr. A. Shanker

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