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The Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Leo

This is as a rule, though not necessarily, a decidedly inharmonious combination, inclining the mind to romance and love affairs of an intense, emotional nature and increasing all the passions and desires, making the feelings very intense and very acute. 

It gives pride, some arrogance, and much love of power, coupled with ardour, imagination, emotion, energy and ambition which latter may take a variety of directions according to general type of horoscope. There is some love of grandeur, pomp, show and ostentation and considerable dramatic feeling. 

With suitable planetary positions, such persons might make a very decided figure in the direction of the drama or music. Native's nature is strong and commanding, firm, self-directed even during the most emotional situations. Well, native is able to influence others with great extent. Can be controlled in any situation in a effective organised way.

Dr. A. Shanker

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