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The Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus

The Sun is exalted in Aries, and the Moon in Taurus, so that this combination strengthens both the positive and negative elements, producing a very strong character. The physical side of the nature is practical but with the force of the Sun in Aries behind it, the ideal and practical points are well blended while the disposition becomes a very determined one.
The result is all-round character. There is the will and energy to originate and the steadiness and practical ability to execute. Such an one shapes his ideal or forms his plan of campaign and does not rest until native has carried it out, no matter at what expense of time or trouble. Native can plan and perform, preach and practice, directing others and do the work himself. Native is likely to come the front to occupy some position of responsibility or trust.

The disposition is composed of the Martial and Venusian elements, the senses being called into full activity. The intellect and intuition are both alike marked, but there is usually a great tendency to be self-willed and dogmatic. The magnetic forces are very powerful, and the affections are warm, the native makes friends readily and is faithful to them. There is a tendency to be too positive, self-willed and dogmatic. The intellect and intuitive sides of the nature are both strong, especially if favorable planetary positions bring them out.

It is thus a splendid combination for mental expression and the nature tends to become harmonious, though there is sometimes a great degree of sensitiveness. Those born under this combination may become mental and physical healers, especially along hygienic lines, for this sign gives a superabundance of vitality. This is a good position for financial success in life, also for positions of trust and authority and it tends in general to make the life fortunate, the personality being able to carry out the ideals of the Aries individuality.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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