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The Sun in Aries and Moon in Gemini

This combination gives a considerable amount of mental activity and manual dexterity, but there is apt to be a great deal of restlessness and over-exertion; for the nature is a very changeable one, loving variety and expression while there is a lack of determination and tenacity of purpose.
This combination gives refinement and artistic tendencies and makes those under its influence good move lists and clever writers of fiction though the dualistic tendencies of Gemini cause much of the qualities of Aries to be wasted, so that there is frequently less done that is talked about.

The native is witty, lively in mind and speech, prone to exaggeration, of great mental ingenuity, and good at all forms of mental work, study, education, speaking. In a bad horoscope, a tendency to deceit or dishonesty, or nervous or mental trouble is shown. It is not a very reliable combination until some degree of thought-control has been practiced; but it decidedly favors mechanical ability, and is good for travel and all literary undertakings, promising some success in life in this direction.

Note: Over-activity and excitement will tend to produce nervous troubles where rest will often be required to restore harmony to our health.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,


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