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Sun & Moon impact on Signs: The Sun in Aries!

The primary characteristics of the Sun in this sign are force and energy and that the fundamental basis of the character will consist of an ambitious, aspiring and enthusiastic nature. During the month that Sun remains in this sign, the twelve lunar positions will either considerably modify this primary influence or accentuate it and increase its manifestation.

But without the Moon to focus the rays of the Sun and to collect the influences that are constantly being distributed, the individual character would be always flying off at a tangent, having no medium through which it could be rendered definite. In studying each one of these combinations, however, it is important to remember that the solar force is the primary and energizing influence, the lunar center being always secondary, negative and expressive.

The Sun and Moon in Aries: This is equivalent to the Sun and the Moon being in conjunction in the first house of the horoscope and will act in a similar manner about character. This position of Sun and Moon will accentuate the consciousness in the brain, giving great activity of thought and quickness of perception with strong inclinations to excitement, endowing those born under this combination with an intense desire to be at the head of all things, and to be intellectual pioneers. This position gives, in fact, abundance of energy and vitality, thus favoring health and long life.

It shows independence and self-reliance, making a forceful and original personality. One certain to attract attention in his sphere of life and possibly gain considerable prominence therein. With a suitable horoscope, native will rise, loved and will be in limelight positively. Native is fitted for positions of authority and responsibility.

In some cases, native will be aggressive in disposition, ill-manner, domineering, irritable, intolerant of opposition or contradiction, hard and unyielding. With the softening influence of Venus or Jupiter, the more unpleasant phases of this influence may be removed, otherwise native may be a tyrant or a rebel. There may be a danger to the head, brain or nervous system at some period of life.

In this case, the Sun will be stronger than the Moon, the sign Aries being of a fiery nature whereas the Moon partakes more of the nature of water. Over-work, excessive worry, intense excitement and too much activity (mental or physical) would tend to produce disease of the brain and if persisted in, would finally result in mental derangement.

This combination increases self-esteem and approbatives and brings changes in life through too great independence with many troubles following on impulsive action and rash conduct. This person needs the steadying influence of Saturn, otherwise he may be a salve to impulse. There is a tendency to live too much in the mind, to make intellect too prominent and there is, moreover some danger of becoming too self-centered or conceited.

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