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The Sun in Aries and Moon in Cancer!

This is an exceedingly sensitive combination, giving a considerable amount of ambition and love of fame where planet Moon being receptive in nature and here placed in the executive sign Cancer, will add the power of achievement to the splendid idealism of Aries, this is greatly adding to the strength of the combination which moreover increases the intuitive and psychic faculties, expands the imagination, improves the memory and strengthens the brain.

There are two somewhat contradictory sides to the character; one enterprising, active, bold and domineering and the other sensitive, domestic and homely. Under cross influences this may cause irritation or bad temper and may affect the nerves or even the mind, it gives more caution and acquisitiveness than Aries alone. The sensitiveness of this position causes those born under it to feel very keenly the surrounding conditions, and to suffer from them occasionally, though when not too approbative they are easily able to reason and arrive at correct conclusions; there is generally a great deal of anxiety, especially regarding domestic affairs or matters connected with home life.

Care in diet is necessary for the successful expression of this combination as the health is often marred by worry and anxiety. It promises success in life through matters connected with horticulture and gives ability to design and plan, especially in architecture.

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