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Polarities or Lunar Combination methods!

Sometimes the birth-time is not accurately known, perhaps no nearer than the day of the month and year, thus rendering it impossible to cast the horoscope* (That is, unless the birth-time is determined from the events of life. This is, however, involves much study and elaborate calculation. Such as we are not here concerned with…). When this is the case, the Sun in the signs, will give us an indication of the individual character, though it is often found that these individual characteristics must be considerably modified, it then becomes necessary to know what sign the Moon occupied on the day of birth.

It is quite true that the Sun’s position considerably influences the permanent or moral character of the native, while the Moon exercises a considerable amount of influence, according to the sign native is in, over the personal character, or that part of the consciousness that is expressed through the brain; so that when the foregoing chapters have been care-fully studied so as to know that exact value of these solar and lunar positions, it becomes a simple matter of blending these two influences to discover the characteristics of those born on certain days.

The following delineations of the Sun and Moon in the various signs, which may be called soli-lunar combinations, will apply in general to all persons born on those days, irrespective of the other planetary positions, though influenced thereby, also (and to a much greater extent) by the rising sign; these will be dealt with separately in succeeding chapters.

The principle upon which these soli-lunar combinations is based on the one given above, that the Sun is the positive, primary, and life-giving element, and the Moon the negative or secondary and formative element. So, when the nature of the sign is thoroughly understood, it can easily be seen on the one hand, how far the life side, represented by the Sun, influences the character; and on the other, how far the form side, represented by the Moon, affects the personality. It will save much confusion if the student clearly impresses this fact on our mind – that the Sun represents the life side, governing the Individual, and the Moon the form side, governing the whole of the Personal (and physical) characteristics. These two symbols blended together represent spirit-matter, each dependent on the other for expression.

The above blending of the ‘life’ and ‘form’ principles, or as we have called them “Polarities,” shall now be carefully studied.

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