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How to use the Condensed Ephemeris for Practical work?

For the practical work of judging a horoscope, the planetary positions don't have to be known quite exactly. The nearest degree is more than sufficient, and while in this, it will be necessary to explain in full detail how to calculate the horoscope lest the method of working should be misunderstood, it is by no means essential to go to so much trouble where all that is needed is a “rough and ready” map.

For practical purposes, the planetary positions can be written down at sight correct to the nearest degree. And the Moon’s place can be found at once, not quite accurately but near enough for most purposes, by taking 1 degree every two hours.

This is no plea for slipshod work. It is merely a recognition of the fact that many students have not the necessary time to calculate maps with great exactitude, and of the further fact that although there is a certain satisfaction in calculating the minute as well as the degree position of a planet, for practical purposes, that is to say so far as the ordinary judgment of the horoscope is concerned, it is not essentials. Unless, of course, the planet or luminary is close to the end or beginning of a sign, in which case its exact position becomes of material importance.

What is necessary, and always necessary, is a thorough understanding of the method one uses.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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