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Moon impact on Sun-sign Aries

Image result for moon impact This makes the person an enthusiast in some direction, impulsive, aggressive and militant in manner. Sometimes irritable and liable to fits of anger. Insists on having his own way, disobedient to superiors, independent and self-reliant. Somewhat volatile or changeable and dependent upon impulse, disliking conventionality or discipline.

He will achieve popularity or notoriety in some form and may be placed in some position in which he exercises authority over a number of people. He will be at the head of some undertaking or he will be in some way prominent in his sphere of life and will go more by intellect than intuition. The mother will play a prominent part in the life in some way but often not a sympathetic or fortunate one.

There is likelihood of differences between the native and his parents or the latter may die early or be separated from him. He will strike out a path for himself or at least attempt to do so; and much that he does both wrong and right where he will be unexpected by his friends and contrary to their advice.

Mysticism or occultism of some kind will show in his life or the tendency may take the form of a necessity for secrecy in some of his affairs. Native’s occupation may sometime involve secrecy or mysterious. May, he will be a low class, though this is very contrary to his nature.

He will meet with unpopularity or be threatened with scandal of some kind. This position favors military pursuits and independent or original ventures.

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