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Moon impact on Sun-sign Sagittarius!

This gives a quick, restless and unsettled manner, either of body or mind, the native is active in body and fond of physical exercise and sports, is inclined to travel, and is a quick walker and worker. He changes his abode frequently and his disposition is candid and honorable, very kind and good humoured, while he is sincere in his religious belief even if it be unorthodox.

There is some inclination for mysticism, psychism, and the occult, native is a natural teacher or preacher, also has something of the prophet in his nature. The intuition is active, there may be some psychic gift, such as clairvoyance though there is a tendency to dreaming and somnambulism. There will be talent or even genius for religion, philosophy, music or poetry. In the lower type of horoscope the animal nature of the sign will be to the fore and then occupations and amusements connected with shipping and horses will be prominent in the life. A faithful worker or servant, he himself benefits by servants or those under him. Native is likely to have two occupations or may change his occupation.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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