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Moon impact on Sun-sign Scorpio!

This lunar position makes those born under it, very firm and determined, self-reliant and assured, well able to stand alone and fight their own battles. Abrupt and plain-spoken, positive, energetic and capable of hard work, they are yet fond of the good things of this world. Somewhat conservative and averse to change, especially if forced upon them from without, they are difficult to influence and may be very obstinate; yet for their own purposes they will sometimes appear changeable, and will advocate or carry out great and revolutionary changes.
They are sometimes irritable, angry and revengeful; this being a very bad position if backed up by other evil influences, for it by no means favors morality and may give habits of drinking. It often causes coarseness in speech or manner and threatens some scandal to the native; moreover, it rather tends against fineness of feeling and refined instincts, though it inclines to psychism, occultism and mediumship.
A death occurs in the family, or in the ranks of their close associates, shortly before or soon after his birth or early in his life, and they have in some way much to do with death as executors, or are frequently brought into relation with the dead, often following some occupation connected with the dead. Attraction towards the opposite sex is strongly felt, and this position favors marriage in a male horoscope but to females threatens disharmony in the married state or in any relations with the opposite sex.

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