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Moon impact on Sun-sign Capricorn!

This tends to bring the native before the public for good or evil, causing popularity or notoriety, though it usually has some drawback attaching to it. He will achieve relative fame and will move in some sphere that brings him before many people.

If the Moon is well aspected at birth, native will be popular as the head of some undertaking or will attract attention as a prominent or responsible person in some way, for something he has done or with which he is associated, but if badly aspected in the nativity, the publicity signified by this position is likely to be of an unpleasant nature.
This position gives some degree of generalship and administrative ability, which is intensified if the sun is in a cardinal sign or if a cardinal sign is rising. There is nevertheless, always some drawback or difficulty attaching to the occupation or to the fame or position the native gains, native may raise up enemies, open or secret, or native’s reputation will suffer with or without his having deserved it.
The native is somewhat fond of showy, selfish too, careful with money matters, cautious and calculating, knows how to influence others.

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