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Moon impact on Sun-sign Pisces!

s who are in this situation (moon impact in the Rashi) make them quite, retiring, easy going and restless too when in need.  He/she can be fond of variety as well anyone can change native’s mind during the moon impact dasha. During the time native is irresolute and can’t always to be depended upon. Native can be easily discouraged, can face obstacles, misfortune and tough life in this tenure.

This position gives a liking for reading of a romantic literature, can be emotional quickly, and inclines towards poetry and music that appeal to the emotions and feeling. As speaker, writer or composer the native is fluent, copious and imaginative but diffuse. He or she can be more religious but is in this respect more emotional and sentimental than intellectual. Somewhat wanting in buoyancy and hope, he/she is too serious or too easily to be enter into depression and may even lack matter-of-fact common sense and humor.  

There is sometimes a tendency to intemperance, dissipation or laudanum drinking while on the other hand medium ship, clear dreaming, various psychic powers may manifest themselves. This lunar position soften the frame and increases the fleshy and glandular structures; is therefore not favorable for robust health. There is danger from secret enemies, or the native may himself be not quite straightforward.

There is some liability to detention in a hospital, poor-house or in prison but these bad effects will not ensure unless there are accompanying bad aspects or other indications in the nativity.

End note: We may now definitely establish in our minds that the idea, the Sun represents the positive centre, from which the true life is flowing whereas the Moon is representative of the receiver or the negative and magnetic point.  

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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