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Moon’s impact and Zodiac signs

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The Sun rules by day and the Moon by night. The Sun represents the positive life-giving principle, where the Moon the negative or receptive. A great portion of humanity is at the present time preparing to emerge from the illusive fascination of the Moon’s influence. But it will be many centuries where the majority are free from its limitations.

We have said in a previous chapter that the delineations given for the Sun’s (apparent) passage through the various signs of the Zodiac would also indicate the character of the personality when the Moon was posited in that sign at birth; with certain modifications.

This is true that the Sun represents the heart, higher emotions, the purer part of our nature and the character which is at the root of our being; whilst the Moon represents the brain, the senses and the part of our nature which cognises and gains experiences from the physical and objective world.

The distinction between the two luminaries is very marked and definite, although in the truest sense they represent but two halves of one whole. Objectively, we see the light from the Moon when she is above the earth and the Sun below, subjectively, we know that when the personality is strong and the individuality is weak, the lunar nature is in evidence.

Strong personalities are full of desire and self-hood, whilst strong individuals are more expansive, broad, liberal and magnanimous. The former cling to form, perception and objects the senses are more sensitive, keen and active where the latter are not so bound by the senses, living more in the mind and the higher emotions, the subjective world being of more importance to them than desire and impulse.

The student of human nature has learned to distinguish between the character as severally expressed by the heart and by the brain, he will find it difficult to discover how much individual character there, is apart from personal or how much is personal and how much individual. Particularly at the present time when comparatively there are so few who know themselves.

As a general rule, the Moon placed higher in the heavens than the Sun is an indication that the personality is the stronger. Both Sun and Moon are above earth, both characters may be strong. In nocturnal horoscopes (that is, when the birth takes place after sunset), the Moon is usually above the earth; but it may also happen that both luminaries are below and both may be weak where life correspondingly unfortunate.

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