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How to Ascertain the Impact of Planetary Placements!

(Planetary Influences in Zodiac Signs)

What are the Key Issues...
  1. General vs particular significations!
  2. Results of close to most effective point placements!
  3. When functional malefic planets give good results!
  4. When even the functional benefics give bad results!
  5. Importance of ascendant!

The most important query of the learners of this divine science is: how do we interpret the result of a particular planet placed in a particular house or a particular sign in context with each of the twelve ascendants?

There are many schools of thought but when we follow the Systems’ Approach, it becomes quite methodical and crystallised. According to this method (SA) there is no ambiguity and one can consistently apply the principles in all the cases. Here I will give you a brief introduction of the steps to be followed to elucidate the results of various planetary placements when giving advice to your clients:

  • First and foremost is the identification of the correct ascending sign. When an Astrologer is presented with a horoscope, he must ensure that it is properly cast and if the ascendant changes within a few minutes, he must carefully rectify the same by asking some queries about planets involved in close conjunctions and bad placements with regard to each of the possible ascendants.
  • Once we correctly identify the ascendant, we come to know the exact nature of all the planets in the horoscope whether they are malefic or benefic for the nativity. This step becomes the foundation of our further analysis. In addition to Rahu & Ketu all those planets whose moolatrikona signs fall in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house are treated as functional malefic planets.
  • There are two basic roles a planet plays in a horoscope. The clear distinction between these roles is very important for clear identification of trends they are going to show in life.

  1. General Significations
    These significations remain constant irrespective of the ascendant of the native. That is, whatever be the nature of the planet for a particular ascendant, it will continue to manifest these significations, commensurate to its strength in the natal chart. For example, when Jupiter is strongly placed in exaltation in ascendant of the Cancerians, it gives them good intellect, knowledge, higher education and success in advisory roles in life, even though its moolatrikona sign falls in sixth house making it a functional malefic planet.
  2. Particular SignificationsContinuing with the above example, the particular significations of Jupiter in the above scenario are the properties governed by the sixth house. So, when it is placed in exaltation in the ascendant and is also strong by degree it blesses one with good financial standing, winnings in cases of litigations and protects one’s health as well. The placement impact of Jupiter in the ascendant makes one of an argumentative nature and the native gets involved in controversies quite often.
  3. Close aspects/conjunctionsIn continuation of the above example, when such a Jupiter is placed close to the rising degree of the ascendant (Most Effective Point) it creates the connection of its negative connotations of sixth house with the ascendant, fifth house, seventh house and ninth house. It also causes affliction to all the planets in conjunction or by aspect which are placed within the range of five degrees. It will give trouble in relationships, to children, to father and would also make one suffer from ill health.
In the above way we can very easily and confidently guide our clients about how a planet whose sub period is running is going to manifest its results in their lives. It’s also very important to note the transit strength and movement of the planets in order to time the events associated with the sub period lord.

  1. When and why do Functional Malefic Planets give good results?
    This also a very common query in the minds of the learners. The answer to this is very simple. When we clearly differentiate the general and particular significations of the planets, we find that functional malefic planets give negative results only when they are causing close afflictions in the horoscope by way of conjunctions/aspects or are weak/badly placed. Otherwise they give a boost to their general and particular significations as mentioned in the earlier example. Therefore the best placement for a functional malefic planet is being placed in its own moolatrikona sign and away from the most effective point of the horoscope. In this way its, both general and particular, significations will flourish.
  2. If the functional malefic planets should be weak – will they give less malefic results?This is a common myth that when a malefic planet is weak it will not be able to do much harm. It’s not true, as it is very important for every planet to be strong, otherwise its general/particular significations would not manifest and thus cause sufferings. As in the above example if Jupiter is placed in the ending degrees say at 29 degrees it can lead to a vulnerable financial position, losses in litigations, poor health, and the native is prone to liver disorders and diabetes. Its maleficence does not diminish in the above case if the MEP is at 28 degrees as such a placed Jupiter would lead to serious conflicts in marital matters, critical health issues to spouse, etc.
  3. When do even benefic planets give bad or negative results?One should be very careful in explaining the results of functional benefic planets in the nativity as they may also give setbacks in life. They can give negative results in following scenarios:1. Bad placements (6,8,12 houses)2. Utter infancy/old age (results do not manifest at all)3. Close afflictions from the functional malefic planets4. Weakness on multiple counts (more than one simultaneous weakness such as bad placement coupled with debilitation or combustion, etc.)5. When the functional benefic planet is involved in prolonged transit afflictions or is transiting the 6th, 8th or 12th houses for a lengthy period.
We will be contemplating detailed results of all the planets positioned in the various houses for each of the ascendants in our forthcoming book. Moreover the above mentioned issues are also being presented in this book in greater detail with examples. The case studies are thoroughly discussed with all the transit significant events (TSEs) along with transit charts of the dates of events with reference to the natal charts.

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