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Astro Study: What are the Indicators of Popularity!

The desire to be popular is innate in every individual. It is a natural and psychological motivation which inspires people to achieve great deeds. Even those who are accused for criminal acts have been found to be clamoring for popularity. The area of activity in which an individual wishes to achieve popularity and fame may differ from one person to another but the desire for appreciation, fame and popularity is almost universal. But it is found that every body is not so lucky as to get appreciation from others. Some persons are really very capable in several fields but they do not receive kudos. Many hard working persons have been denied this recognition. In this context, it can also be noted that the social status, the amount of money earned and educational and other attainments are not necessarily the determinants of one’s popularity. This aspect of one’s life is very well illumined on the basis of astrological chart of the person. A careful examination of a person’s natal chart could indicate the degree of appreciation or unpopularity one has to receive and also the area in which such importance can be perceived.

Astrologically, the name and fame of an individual depend upon his merits of the past lives. As such any indication with regard to this aspect of his life would be linked with the disposition of his ninth house. It also has some connection with the special mission in the present life and the way he is likely to relate himself with the society outside himself, which means his actions and reactions to the external world. This aspect of one’s life is intimately connected with the tenth house. Therefore, tenth house should also be related with the people’s regard for the individual. The most important consideration in the present context is the nature of the ego incarnated in the present life. The whole personality, his basic constitution, his entire life in essence which are represented by the ascendant is of great consequence. Any question of popularity, name and fame, must be associated with the first house in the natal chart. Therefore in studying the popularity and fame of a person, it is necessary to examine the ninth, tenth and the first houses of a natal chart.
Among the planets which must be taken into account in deciding the popularity of a person, the disposition of Jupiter is important. Jupiter is one such planet which has tremendous importance in determining the reputation of a person. As a matter of fact, it has the great cleansing impact. The evil is greatly reduced by the placement or aspect of Jupiter. Therefore, any connection of Jupiter with evil planets considerably minimizes the malefic nature of these planets. The main influence of Jupiter is to reduce the bad influences of malefic, therefore, under the Jovian impact even when some planet is creating situations adverse to the individual the final outcome is not very disturbing. A person may be accused of some undesirable act under the influence of a malefic planet but the Jovian association or aspect would see that no scar is placed on the individual. This clearly shows that Jovian benefic influence on the ninth, tenth, ascendant is important but it is also important to see that any adverse planetary influence is counteracted as far as possible by the Jovian impact.

Another planet which is to be considered is the present context is Moon. Moon is different from Jupiter. Moon has very little clarifying contents. Its main impact is to reflect, and intensity the good name and deeds of the individual concerned. If some one has done some socially desirably act, the influence of Moon is in highlighting it, so that he gets his due reward and due recognition. Whereas Jovian influence could even clarify the tarnishes, Moon heightens the goodness. Those individuals who find that their socially desirably activities do not get due reward and feel that people are generally apt to ignore him even if he is well deserving could find that their Moon is placed in an unfavourable situation or it is not fully aspecting the benefics or is not associated with helpful planets. Some adverse situation of Moon can very well react to gem therapy or to psychological orientation of one’s attitude. These two, rather both of these, could vitally change the popularity of the person, and he may start getting due recognition of his merits by properly treating Moon.

These two-Jupiter and Moon are positive planets which have to be taken care of for augmenting one’s popularity, the infliction of Rahu and Ketu is dreaded because they act in an adverse way. Rahu and Ketu have to be watched as karmic planets which implied that there has been something in the past lives of the person which necessitated this infliction. Therefore they have to be treated very carefully. Rahu creates stigma, mistrust, depression, failure, inability to express the good of others. Such persons whose psychological orientation is coloured by Rahu can not ordinarily see the goodness in others. Whatever their merit, Rahu would see that the good deeds of the persons are veiled from the sight of others and therefore there does not arise any question of getting the reward of their good deeds. These merits would simply not be known. To obviate this unfortunate condition, one has to propitiate Rahu which by itself is very difficult and it can be done in several ways. One of the easiest, and surest way of remedying Rahu’s infliction (apart from gem therapy, mantras, and other Tantras)is to control one’s tongue. When one begins to control one’s speech, one begins to propitiate Rahu.

Ketu is very different from Rahu. It is also a significator of Karmic results but in this case it is not always humiliation, or disappointment. For the outside world, this planet would make the person known widely but within himself he would feel small. It is a planet which is very much positive in the sense that it brings result on its own, not because of its association. Thus if someone has Ketu related to his ninth, tenth, or ascendant, he would be widely known; people would have higher estimate than what he himself has of himself.

These general principles can be better tested if we examine their efficacy in relation to certain known cases. Let us take the case of Gautama Budha. Dr. B. V. Raman has given the natal chart of Gautama Budha as follows (Chart I): Gautama Budha was a Cancer Ascendant native with the lord of Ascendant Moon in fourth house aspecting the tenth house and the lord of the ninth house. 

Jupiter’s association with Saturn has greatly eliminated the malefic effect of this planet. Rahu relegated in the twelfth house does not have any material karmic bondage which could dim his glory. Ketu has his life very introspective as far human relationship is concerned. Jovian aspect on Ketu has further turned Ketu into a beneficial planet. Thus we find that the first, ninth and tenth houses and the impact of Jupiter, Moon, Rahu and Ketu have made popularity and glory uncontaminated.

The second chart (Chart II) is of Dr. Albert Einstein. Here also we find exceptional combinations for great popularity and renown. Ascendant lord Mercury is posited in the tenth house, a house of Jupiter and the lord of the tenth is Jupiter which is itself placed in the ninth house. From the ninth house it aspects the ascendant thus protecting the individual from any untoward incident and making his personality and his personal life free from any ill-will. The Jovian protection, to a great extent, protected him from Hitler and never his personal integrity was at stake. Rahu in eighth house in the Jovian sign made him very despondent about the misuse of his scientific investigations. Because of Moon’s position, and of Rahu’s, Albert Einstein had been able to get full credit for all that he was capable of.

Chart III belongs to Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Undoubtedly from all available information, he was a very capable person, and his sacrifices and services for the nation had been outstanding. His personal integrity, and his thoroughness in doing any work entrusted to him were widely acclaimed to be a very high order. But his popularity has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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