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Mars & Mercury, How they help in Profession!

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Mercury represents learning, writing, arts, sculpture, medical profession, expertise, minister ship, message, wit, cleverness, duality, fame, astrology, wisdom, chanting Vedas, priesthood, birds, fame, literature, poetry, scriptures etc.

Mercury indicates mathematicians, traveling agents, poets, advocates, printers, publishers, orators, ambassadors, clerks, astrologers, travelers, secretaries, interpreters etc. In Mythology, Mercury is regarded as the god of eloquence and commerce. Mercury strong and favourably placed, makes one an orator.

Mercury is a quick moving planet. He thus represents speed. It is also called as the winged messenger. Therefore, it represents traveling, carrying messages, letters, mailing etc.

Mercury is the planet of wisdom. Favorably posited it makes a person very intelligent, wise and studious.

Mercury is changeful. It denotes changes, and lack of concentration. It makes a person unsteady and fond of changes.

Mercury represents plurality. It is dualistic. It gives interest in many subjects.

Mercury is convertible. This is why, in Hindu Astrology, it is regarded as a benefic when it is combined with benefices. And it is regarded as a malefic, when it is combined with malefics. Thus its nature varies as the quality of the planet which it is conjoined. Thus it does not act independently but in a subordinate position.

Mercury renders its subjects active, versatile and disposed to business and commerce. It makes one well-informed and eager in the pursuit of knowledge.

Literary men, accountants, school teachers, secretaries, book-sellers, clerks, postmen, messengers, engineers, radio. Wireless, telegraph, post, letters, typing, press, paper, cotton, representative, secretary, agent, clerk, astrologer, trade of foreign goods, import-export, thread, mercury, tin, accounts, auditing, able lawyer, expert, commissioners, ambassadors etc., are all ruled by Mercury.

Mercury represents Mathematics. It indicates lecturing too. As Mars also is connected with Mathematics, when these are combined or connected one may be a Mathematics lecturer.

Mercury denotes Astrology too. Mercury in angles confers ability in Astrology, Combination of Sun and Mercury can denote Astrological Profession. (Sun is a Karaka of profession. Connection of Mercury with 4th, 10th, and 9th house also can indicate this profession).

Satyacharya says that Sculpture, astrology, recitation and composition of poetry, research work, dealing in clothes, and catching birds and animals are also ruled by Mercury.

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