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Planets combinations and Raj Yoga!

Article published in Starteller, September 2006
season 1 king GIF by The White PrincessRaja yoga, supported by other beneficial astrological factors, confers great political power (even amounting to despotism) on a native. Strength of the Yogakaraka and Saturn helps a lot in this respect. The native invariable loses power either by loss of life or being overthrown, during the period of maraka.

ASTROLOGY suggests that a nation chooses the sort of government or leader it needs in consistent with its national Karma. History does reveal several obscure people suddenly finding themselves wielding power as dictators, presidents and rulers, and also losing power with astonishing abruptness. Political pundits have no rational explanation for such happenings while according to astrology, creative or destructive political careers depend upon certain Raja Yogas and Arishta Yogas. Periods of crisis coincide with certain directional influences.
Here, the native assumed political power as soon as Saturn’s Dasa commenced. As lord of the 4th, Saturn is in the 9th aspected by Sun, the lord of the 10th. Sun’s aspect on Saturn has contributed to the strength of Saturn as Yogakaraka. Saturn, the lord of the 4th has Parivartana with the Moon, the lord of the 9th. Consistent with the nature of the disposition of Saturn and the Sun, representing the people and aristocracy respectively the native had no soft corner for the rich and the privileged. As soon as he took over the control of his country, monarchy and corruptive political parties made their exit. Totalitarian techniques were of course employed. His loss of power was due to his own death in Saturn-Rahu period. Rahu as the sub-lord in a maraka place, killed him.

Is that of a person who, as a minister, wielded considerable influence on the rulers.Yogakaraka Mars and the Sun, who is neechabhanga aspecting the 10th, and the 10th from Chandra Lagna being occupied by two benefics, conferred Raja Yoga during the Dasa of Mars. The fagend of Rahu Bhukti in Rahu Dasa saw the native out of power. Mark the situation of Rahu in a maraka place aspected both by Mars and Saturn. Mars as Yogakaraka enabled Rahu to sustain the Raja Yoga for some time but Saturn as a maraka, dealt a death-blow to the native. He lost power and was condemned and shot as a war criminal.
Is that of a great leader, who fought for the independence of his country from foreign rule and who, thanks to the stationing of Mars in the 7th, became a dictator, grabbed the political power and was ultimately over-thrown. Again in this case, the native began to taste the fruits of power with the commencement of Saturn’s dasa. Lord of the Ascendant, Saturn aspected by yogakaraka Venus and Mercury, and occupying the constellation of the Yogakaraka Venus in conjunction with Jupiter (lord of the 2nd and the 11th), conferred Raja Yoga, which was effectively enjoyed till the end of Rahu’s sub-period, when he was deposed.

No dictator in any country wielding absolute power, has ever cared for the common people his country. For a dictator, absolute power is the only criterion.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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