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What is Bhagya Yoga?

Bhagya means Fortune, how fortunate you are? Bhagya-Yoga indicates person’s luck and fate. A strong benefic is in ascendant, 3rd or 5th house, the same time it should aspect the 9th house which is linked with Dharma, Luck and Destiny.

Here some points which are helping and shaping Native’s Bhagya-Yoga.

  1. Planet Jupiter alone in ascendant or 5th house is capable of forming this yoga where Jupiter will aspect the trine.
  2. Planet Jupiter should be powerful enough for the formation of this Yoga.
  3. Planet Jupiter will become powerful if Cancer is ascendant.
  4. Cancer ascendant Jupiter can also sit in the 5th house and aspects 9th house which will be sign Pisces.
  5. If Planet Jupiter is strong in chart. Its ownership and exaltation state should be check.
  6. Any benefic planet in 3rd house aspects 9th house at 180 degree always forms this yoga. Here again power of the benefic planet is to be checked in the account of its ownerships.
  7. For Gemini ascendants, planet Jupiter will form Kendra-Aadi-pati Dosha, therefore any other planet from Jupiter in 3rd house can form Bhagya-yoga.
Effects of this yoga: Native would be very lucky and full of fortunes. Native doesn’t have to put extra efforts to achieve their goals. Native’s knowledge and intelligence help others and his own wisdom.

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