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How will be your Old Age, Know from your Palm!

Three phase of life
 palm GIFThree important phases of life are considered as Childhood, Youth and Old age. Where the childhood passes through versatility and morality, the youth has been considered the most energetic phase of life. But when your cross 50 golden years, you are little tense, afraid and insecure. That is why you would definitely want to know that what kind of life you have written in your destiny. Palmistry is also one of the good medium to know about your future life.

Palmistry is the only science which predict about your old age future very accurately. Palmistry helps you finding easily, what your old age is going to be like.

Just as human beings are associated with life time, so is the future of human beings associated with destiny. Therefore, the eagerness to know your future related to luck is in everyone's mind and there are other methods too to get little idea about your future. Apart from Palmistry, Pseudoscience is also a popular method. 

Palm Mountain

While seeing the palm, often people do not pay attention to the conditions of the mountains on palm while the mountains tell the exact position of every kingdom. Here we are talking about Pluto mountains which can tell you that your old days will be good or bad. 

Pluto Mountains on the Palm

On the palm, the location of the Pluto Mountains is "below the heart line and above the brain line". In other words Pluto Mountains happens between these two lines. While coming down from the Sun Mount, on this place where you reach, there will be Pluto Mountains on your palm. The elevation of Pluto Mountain or the pit on it gives accurate information about your old age.

Meaning of Advanced Pluto Mountain

Generally it is considered good to be advanced (mounted) of mountains, but it is not so about Pluto which is on your palm. If this area is too high then it is considered inauspicious. Such people are extremely brutal with nature and their old is also full of problems.

In most cases it is believed that they can not take too much education and they become intellectually weak. There is also a lack of spirituality in them. Such people never get happiness and family support in their old age.

Cross mark on Pluto Mountains

The sign of the cross shows different effects on every mountain. If there is a mark of a cross, then it is possible that a person dies after coming to the age of 45. The case of death can be sickness or there may be other causes like accident, heart attack etc.

Plot on the Pluto Area

It is not considered good to have pits in any mountain area on the palm. Being a pit on the mount of Pluto also indicates the misfortune of a person, especially the misfortune of old age is fixed in it. If there is a crater here, the person is irritable by nature and his old age passes through hard time.

Symptoms of Happy Old Age

Balanced elevated level of Pluto mountains means living of good old age. Balanced elevations means it is neither lifted nor raised too much but with its other parts of the palm. Such people are healthy and happy at the last stop of the age, The family members give a lot of love and support.

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