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Benefits of worshipping the Shri Chakra

 esoteric GIFIn the worship of Shri Chakra, one proceeds from the outer square to the innermost bindu. This process almost invariably involves the awakening of the Kundalini power within. However, the Shri Chakra need not be used that way. It can be simply worshipped and allowed to radiate its energy outwards to create prosperity and harmony for the worshipper. The immense complexity of the Shri Chakra makes it a veritable unified pantheon of the Gods. Worshipping the Shri Chakra ensures worshipping all forms of divinity. It is immense intellectual discipline, as well as a towering   achievement of Indian spiritual thought.

  1. By repeating the Mantra nine hundred thousand times the man will have the same form as Mahesh.
  2. By performing Homas with the flowers of Mallikii and Malati, he shall be the lord of speeches.
  3. By performing Homa with Kaneer flowers, he can enchant and fascinate the entire universe.
  4. By performing the Homa with camphor, saffron and musk the devotee shall excel the lord of Love.
  5. The Homa with the flowers of Campaka and Patala shall make the universe come under his control soon.
  6. The homa with fried grain bestows kingdom that with honey brings about the annihilation of harassments.
  7. The homa at night with the flesh of goat brings about the destruction of the armies of the enemy.
  8. If Homa is performed with curd, ghee, milk and honey one shall obtain respectively health, richness, village and wealth, through sugar obtains happiness, through lotus flowers wealth and fortune and through pomegranate the favour of the king.
  9. If Homa are performed with ripe mango fruits a hundred thousand times the entire earth comes under control.
  10. Attainment of money and grain through milk pudding; all living beings brought under control through Bandhuka flowers.
  11. By performing Homa with salt together with mustard evil persons can be destroyed.
  12. By performing Homa with camphor, a man erelong (sooner) attains mastery of speech in much shorter duration.
  13. Through the Homa with Karaiija fruit evil spirits, ghosts etc., come under control.
  14. Through Bilva fruits one attains enormous wealth and attainment of happiness through sugarcane stems.
  15. Through the Homa with ghee one attains the desired object.
  16. Peace can be achieved through gingelly seeds and rice grain.
  17. Everything desired is achieved by men through the goddess of the Devas.
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